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Concrete is something everyone has to deal with. It might be your driveway, patio, basement, warehouse or something else. However, concrete is also ugly, boring and seems to fall apart.

It is often joked that concrete is the toughest fragile surface out there! Which is true. It can be a dam that holds back water and it can also be chipped with your snow shovel.

Sealing you concrete is the best way to make it last longer, look better and perform better. Let’s dive in!

1. Increases Durability

Having your concrete sealed on a regular basis will make that tough concrete even tougher. Sealer helps keep moisture and pressure from causing chips and cracks.

A high quality concrete sealer also offer topical protection for the surface. This means oil spills, ice melt and hot tires will not degrade the concrete. In a commercial environment a sealer can also provide ease of maintenance. This is because it makes the concrete less pores and will not hold dirt and bacteria.

2. Improves Appearance

Concrete gets worn out. With the sun, snow, ice melt, chemicals and whatever else you throw at it. All of these things begin to fade the color and make the concrete look old even if its brand new.

A fresh coat of sealer will bring your surface back to life. However, this comes with a warning. If you have decorative concrete any imperfections will be spotlighted by the sealer. Because the sealer highlights colors if you have chips, nicks and cracks these will be more visible when the concrete begins to shine.

Even with that in mind seeing a few bumps and bruises usually looks better than faded colors and no sheen.

Concrete with sealer on it
Concrete Overlay With A Fresh Coat Of Sealer

3. Easier To Clean

Concrete is like a sponge, it absorbs everything that gets on it. This is why when a car leaks oil it’s almost impossible to get the stain out. A sealer saturates the concrete so that it can no longer absorb chemicals and water.

Because the surface won’t be holding on to everything a simple power wash for exterior concrete or light mopping interior is all it will take to keep it clean.

Sealing you concrete is an affordable way to get all of these benefits. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote on getting your concrete sealed.