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If you’re like most people Spring time means cleaning time. The one task that many homeowners fear is cleaning the garage. It seems like no matter how hard you try it’s never really clean.

A durable and long lasting epoxy floor can make that chore much easier. What is an epoxy floor? Epoxy is a fluid applied floor coating that seals off the concrete underneath. Unlike concrete, epoxy is not breathable. This means it stays cleaner and when it’s dirty it’s easier to clean.

Many times concrete absorbs dirt, grime, oil, food and whatever else lands on it. Epoxy doesn’t let this happen. So here are three reasons you need to put an epoxy coating in your garage.

1. Custom To You

The first and one of the best reasons to get an epoxy coating installed in your garage is you get the floor you want. There are many styles of epoxy flooring, but no matter which one you choose the colors, pattern and style are pretty much limitless.

When it comes to garages there are pretty much three main styles. Metallic, solid color and flake broadcast.

Metallic Epoxy Coating
Metallic Epoxy Coating
Flake Epoxy Garage Floor
Flake Epoxy Garage Floor
Solid Color Epoxy Floor
Solid Color Epoxy Floor

All of these options provide the same durability and ease of maintenance, but the metallic and flake floors do cost more than a solid color. On average you can expect to pay between $4.00 to $8.00 per square foot.

2. Easy To Clean

Like mentioned earlier because epoxy seals off the concrete from the outside world it makes cleaning it a breeze. You can simply mop or sweep the floor to remove in dirt or build up.

One other huge benefit is some epoxy products are oil resistant so when a vehicle leaks oil you aren’t stuck with an ugly stain in you floor. Simply wipe up the oil and it’s like it never happened.

Epoxy floors are also water proof so if it’s easier for you to pressure wash the garage you can do that too! On top of being easy to clean the floors are scratch resistant to keep the floor looking great for many years.

3. Slip & Resistant

Here in Utah for 6 months out of the year you have to think about slippery icy floors. These epoxy coatings are smooth yet slip proof. This means when you hop out of the car during the winter you can rest assured that you won’t fall on your butt.

While we’re talking about winter it is also important to think about salt resistance. When you park in the garage you car picks up salt and other ice melt during your drive. This salt would deteriorate most floors, but not epoxy.

It’s easy to see why an epoxy floor is the perfect solution for your garage floor.

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