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Our decorative concrete overlays are great for driveways, patios, decks and pools. However, they are also great for interior uses. Concrete overlays are a great floor for any space. They are affordable, completely custom, easy to clean and very durable. We use the highest quality products and go the extra mile to make sure your floor turns out the way you dreamed it. We offer a limitless amount of colors, designs and patterns to make sure you get exactly what you want. With over 20 years of experience we are Utah’s leader in decorative concrete overlays. Check out some recent projects down below!

Our Recent Decorative Concrete Overlay Projects

We have worked on hundreds of concrete overlays over the years. Down below are a few of the most recent and popular projects we have completed. If you want to see more projects like this head on over to our portfolio and check them out. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for feel free to contact us and we can share even more of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Decorative Concrete

When you provide a service for a long time like we have you start to find the questions that everyone asks. We have compiled those most popular questions and provide the best answers we can. If you want to learn more about our service feel free to reach out.

What are the benefits of a concrete overlay?

The main benefit of putting a decorative coating on your floor is durability. Unlike traditional flooring concrete provides more strength, scratch resistance and stain prevention. This alone is the perfect reason to resurface your existing floor with a thin concrete overlay. However, if that is not enough the number one selling point is you can make it just the way you want. We offer integral colors, acid stains, antiquing stains, concrete staining and much more. This allows us to get you the exact color, shade and pattern that you want. No other flooring options can do this!

How long do concrete overlays last in Utah?

With our crazy weather many people think that a coating like this won’t last. Many people are surprised to hear that most of the overlay’s that we have put down have been there for almost 14 years! They are extremely durable. Interior concrete can be sealed with an epoxy coating that will increase the life of the floor.

What is the installation process?

In order to make sure that your project looks great and will last for years to come we take many steps that other contractors would never even consider. We start by prepping the concrete by repairing any spalling and cracks. We then manually grind the surface of the concrete to create a smooth level surface. We then go one step further and perform an acid wash on the concrete to change the ph level. The reason we change the ph level is so that our overlay product will chemically bond and become the surface of the concrete. The step from there will vary depending on the style of decorative concrete that you choose. After the design is done we apply a high quality sealer. Depending on the use and budget we have options from epoxy, urethane and acrylic sealers.

What is the price of decorative concrete?

Depending on the design, color, sealer and prep required the price can vary. You can expect to pay between $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot. This makes our concrete coatings much more affordable compared to traditional flooring.

Customer Testimonials

“Best people, best product, best price, best service! Thank you Elite Concrete for an amazing job on my patio and walkway. Amazing professionals that were a breeze to work with. I will never call anyone else. You are my concrete specialists!” - Andy DeMass

“These guys are amazing! We are blown away at their quality of work, strive for perfection and their professionalism. They worked around all of our construction delays and exceeded our expectations by a mile! Trust me do not be a DIY’er, or shop around, I’ve done that… Just call these guys!! We are so thankful that we called Elite Concrete!” - Kevin Butcher

“I used Elite Concrete to coat my stamped concrete and they were so professional. They always responded promptly and were great to work with throughout the entire process. Thanks!” - Tim Larsen

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